Ministry Leader: Minister John K. Dargon

Meeting Times: Every 4th Thursday @ 7:30pm

Description: As men of God we are striving to grow in the knowledge of God by applying His Word in our lives every day. We understand that we must be the priests, prophets and kings in our home and our communities. That is why we come together for fellowship to discuss real life issues. This ties to our foundational scripture that “Iron sharpens Iron” because we are Men of Standard.

Ministry Leaders: Dr. Karen Nicks and Darci Perry

Meeting Times: Every 4th Thursday @ 7:30pm

Description: The Women of Integrity Ministry encompasses and represents all of the women of SCC. It consists of a board which helps to formulate activities, events and programs that are created to address areas of interests pertinent to the women of today. To that end, a weekly Bible Study is held to connect the members to a more intimate encounter with the Lord through His Word and to develop “covenant relationships”.

Ministry Leaders: Pete and Sharon Ethridge

Meeting Times: Every 3rd Monday @ 7:30pm

Description: Covenant Connections is the marriage ministry of SCC. The ministry is designed to promote Marital Fitness for all marriages according to the Word of God. The objective of the ministry is to offer training and development sessions that will change relationships and promote positive habits for couples. Although the ministry is not a counseling ministry, members are equipped to offer Godly advice while encouraging renewed trust and forgiveness. The goal of the ministry is to teach couples how to build and maintain fire proof marriages and encourage couples to pursue intimacy while nurturing one another.

Ministry Leaders: Dr. Juanita Letcher and Minister Cassandra Minster

Meeting Times: Sundays @ 9:45am Wednesdays @ 7:30pm

Description: Children’s church (ages 6 months to 9) is seeking trained educators, child care workers, and individuals who have a passion to see this generation reach their highest potential for the kingdom of God while nurturing God’s most precious creation! If you have a special anointing to minister to this important part of the body then we are actively recruiting for this most dynamic ministry!

Ministry Leaders: Elder Donald Glover and Min. Johnnie Carey

Meeting Times: Sundays @ 10am Wednesdays @ 7:30pm

Description: FLOCK (ages 10 – 12) bridges the gap between Children’s Church and Marked. We understand that this is a critical time in a young person’s life, so we focus on providing biblical foundations to navigating through everyday life.

Ministry Leaders: Prophet Keean Sutton

Description:  A ministry (ages 13-17) to empower them with biblical principles and practical solutions for high school and beyond.

Other Ministries

Worship and Arts

Ministry Leader: TBD

SCC Praise Team and Choir sets the atmosphere and prepares the people for an encounter with God through the preached word.


Ministry Leader: Darci Perry

Meeting Times: Once a Month

Description: Provide opportunities for members who have completed boot camp to get connected by volunteering for short term projects or events. The volunteer foundation consists of members with a variety of skills on all levels. We need you! This ministry reflects our vision and mission statement to develop covenant relationships.


Ministry Leader: George Brown

Description:  Greeting, ushering, and serving  people with a dynamic smile and a charismatic personality.

Transportation Ministry

Ministry Leader: Joe Brown

Description: The Transportation Ministry’s primary responsibility is to transport members from MARTA stations and nearby locations before and after the 10am Sunday Service.

Pulpit Ministry

Ministry Leader: Vera Greer

Meeting Times: Quarterly

Description: The Pulpit ministry is solely responsible for servicing the Pastors of Stronghold Christian Church. Additionally, the team members are responsible for serving and assisting the ministers, choir members, musicians, and guest speakers on a rotational basis.

Parking Ministry

Ministry Leader: Joe Brown

Description: Maintain order and direct the flow of traffic in the parking lot.

Outreach Ministry

Ministry Leader: Dr. Ellen Fleming

Meeting Times: Every 4th Sunday of the month

Description: To care for the lost, restore those who have fallen, and fulfill the vision of Stronghold Christian Church as the “Spiritual Hospital” and building covenant relationships through the Word of God.

Mother's Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Audrey Lowry and Dorris Allen

Meeting Times: Every 4th Thursday at 12 Noon

Description: The Mother’s Board is dedicated to being a spiritual birthing place, maturing, guiding, and training the believer in the way they should go.

Medical Alert

Ministry Leader: Darci Perry

Meeting Times: Once a month

Description: The Medical Alert Ministry provides opportunities to live healthy in faith. We are a faith based ministry promoting health and wellness. We coordinate health events and activities by providing health awareness events and screenings. We also organize programs and assist the needs of the congregation by providing professional and skilled medical services to the first family, congregation, and visitors.

Media Production Sales

Ministry Leader: Michael Harper

Meeting Times: 2nd Saturdays Quarterly

Description: The Media Ministry’s Production and Sales team serves Stronghold members and guests by reproducing messages from services. Compact discs of the messages are sold after services and complimentary copies are given to members of various ministries who cannot attend service because they are laboring in other ministries. This team also assembles gift bags for first time guests and visitors from the pastors.

H.E.L.P.S. Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Elder Donald Glover and Deacon Charles Bannister

Meeting Times: 2nd Monday Bi-Monthly @ 7:00pm

Description: The HELPS Ministry is responsible for assisting families that are grieving the loss of a loved one, which includes gathering information for SCC for the purpose of the home going service. We assist at the repast if needed. We make hospital visits, provide transportation to and from Dr.’s appointments, and calls to the sick and shut in bi-weekly. Teams serve as a support system to those members in need. We ALWAYS represent the pastors and leadership of SCC.

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Leader:  Beatrice Glasper and Neana Cannon

Meeting Times: As needed

Description: Unlike other ministries, we are a supporting ministry. We support the events related to the church, our pastors, Women of Integrity, Singles Ministry, Men of Standard, etc. We are also responsible for maintaining the décor of the sanctuary and the fellowship hall.

Grief Support Ministry

Ministry Leader: Janie Bannister

Meeting Time: Thursday @ 7:30pm (By Request)

Description: The Grief Support Group is not a therapy group although healing does occur in the context of a group or community. A grief support group is a safe place for the bereaved to share their grief with others who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Along with being a place of sharing, it is also a place where they can receive love, comfort, support and education about the dynamics of grief. People need to know that what they are going through is normal.

First Touch

Ministry Leaders: Betty Perry and Joyce Davis

Meeting Times: 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:30am

Description: We are here to serve. Our main purpose is to echo what our Pastors minister to the congregation. New Creation Team Members celebrate with our new brothers and sisters that are no longer dead but alive in Christ. We pray with those receiving salvation, rededication, or seeking new membership.

Fellowship Clubs

Ministry Leaders: Deacon Veronica Brown-McCoy

Meeting Times: Game Night is every 3rd Friday of the month. Travel Club has an outing per quarter. Location varies

Description: The Fellowship Club Ministry consists of the Travel Club and Game Night. The Travel Club travels to attractions within a 4 hour travel time. Game Night consists of card and board games. These ministries foster recreational time and help develop covenant relationships. If you are interested in planning a trip or coming out to Game Night, please see weekly announcements for specific dates, times, and locations.

Ecclesia Dance Ministry

Ministry LeaderChaya Woodcox

Meeting Times: Thursday @ 7:00pm

Description: To honor and praise God through the ministry of liturgical dance, which is an expressive interpretation of the Word of God through movement. Our expression of worship through the Word of God, song and movement will be used to set the atmosphere before the man and woman of God declare God’s Word and breakdown strongholds.

Club Scouts/Boy Scouts

Ministry Leader: Deacon James McCoy

Meeting Times: TBA

Description: Troop 724 introduces young boys to physical, social and spiritual values and other wholesome activities for their growth and development. The program achieves the Boy Scouts of America objectives of developing character, citizenship, personal fitness.

Altar Workers

Ministry Leader: Min. Lystra Jones

Description: We minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every individual who comes to the altar. We do this through prayer, intercession, deliverance, and healing using the Word of God.

Athletic Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Brady Ward, Athletic Director

Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:00pm

Description: The Stronghold Athletic Ministry provides sporting activities for youth and adults in the Stone Mountain/Lithonia community. We try to cultivate a spirit of excellence and promote leadership and sportsmanship through various sports programs. We offer a safe environment where our youth and adults can participate in fellowship physically, mentally, and spiritually.