In 1987

God began to plant a vision in Pastor Ben that would impact our lost and dying generation with a practical and holistic message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Over the next five years, Pastors Ben & Sherry worked faithfully in the ministry of New Birth Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Eddie Long.

In May of 1993

Four committed servants of God met with Pastors Ben & Sherry to discuss the birthing of Stronghold Christian Church (SCC). In the months that followed, the members worked diligently to plan and organize the ministry according to the vision. By the fall of 1993, SCC had begun holding Bible study in the home of the pastors. God continued to faithfully add to the body, and on November 14, 1993; the 20 charter members and friends of Stronghold held their first Sunday evening service.

God continued to give SCC favor and on January 16, 1994, the members of Lithonia Presbyterian Church opened their doors and invited the body of SCC to utilize their facility on Sunday evenings. For an entire year, the members of SCC continued to meet faithfully for Wednesday evening Bible study in the pastors’ home while holding Sunday evening services at the church.

In December of 1994

Stronghold Christian Church crossed the Jordan River and entered their first promised land: 4925 Browns Mill Road in Lithonia, Georgia.

In October of 1997,

SCC purchased 78 acres of land on Rock Chapel Road in Lithonia, Georgia. SCC then came into covenant with the Network of Local Churches, Inc. under the apostolic covering of Apostle La Fayette Scales, Senior Pastor of Rhema Christian Center, Columbus, Ohio.

In May of 2001

SCC sold the Browns Mill location and began co-existing with the new owners. In the summer of 2001, construction of phase one, the Youth Ministry Complex began.

In March of 2002

the faithful members of SCC celebrated Resurrection Service in their new church home. In the summer of 2003, Camp Stronghold and the Neighborhood After School Program were birthed.

In January of 2006

Phase II, the Community Family Life Center officially opened and for the first time SCC basketball teams and cheerleaders were able to practice and play in their own facility. As an outreach, the fitness center has been blessing the community as well as the congregation. Since relocating to Rock Chapel Road, SCC has been instrumental in serving our surrounding neighborhoods and businesses through community partnerships. Our goal is to be a resource center to the community.

Early 2008

the Lord began to minister to Senior Pastor Ben Gaither about expanding Stronghold Christian Church to Greensboro, GA. As Pastor Ben began to survey Greene County, his passion grew for the warm, loving people and the community of Greensboro.

In March of 2008

SCC held its first worship service, a Crusade for Christ, in Greensboro, GA at 4:00PM. What began as one evening service blossomed into ongoing worship services in Greensboro, GA.

SCC Greensboro began holding services in the Greene County High School, located at 1002 South Main Street, Greensboro, GA.

In July of 2010

the ministry relocated to 1097 Lake Oconee Parkway, Eatonton, GA, and the ministry was renamed Stronghold Christian Church East.  Worship services were expanded to include 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sunday and Wednesday evening Bible study.

Stronghold Christian Church East was founded on the pillars of healing and empowerment through healing, training, and covenant relationships. We believe we can help make a difference in the lives of people of this great community. It is our desire to meet those needs by way of regular worship services, training sessions, and by hosting or sponsoring community activities and events.

In January of 2011

Dr. Benjamin Gaither installed minister Houston Anderson, IV to serve as Campus Pastor. Under his leadership, SCC East has partnered with several community groups to complete projects in the Greene and Putnam County areas. These groups consist of Habitat for Humanity, The Greene County Food Bank and the Greene County Foster and Adoptive Care Services (DHR).

In March of 2011

Sr. Pastor, Dr. Ben Gaither, appointed Pastor Houston Anderson as Senior Pastor and Pastor Tonya Anderson as Co-Pastor of the Stronghold Christian Church East location. SCC East continuously strives to be a “Stronghold” for the cause of Christ.

The history of Stronghold Christian Church is literally one of the faithfulness of a covenant keeping God.

And the Vision Continues...